Inanna Manufacturing

White label services for the next generation of cannabis brands

Our Offerings


We curate a variety of exotic flavors, shapes and sizes for your needs. 


Distillate, full spectrum or nano formulas in both water and oil soluble.


Cost-effective, high volume pre-rolls in cones and “cigarette rolls”.


Salves, lotions and creams with a wide spectrum of cannabinoids.

Baked Goods

Delicious pet treats, cookies and customized treats, both sweet and savory.

About Us

We offer white label and co-packing services to cannabis brands in the world’s largest and most mature legal market in the world, California. We offer reliable and professional manufacturing services with licensed, state-of-the-art facilities, and a seasoned staff with extensive experience in cannabis and analogous industries. Inanna Manufacturing takes products from creation to production, ensuring they meet tight regulatory requirements and high-quality assurance. We are a turnkey solution for brands looking to enter California’s burgeoning cannabis market.